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Come & join our monthly poetry evening

Yellow Wood is pleased to offer a monthly poetry evening in our lovely cafe. The aim is to share some wonderful poems in a welcoming and relaxing way. No prior experience or knowledge of poetry is required, this is a relaxed, fun and thought provoking early evening event for all to enjoy.

The poetry evening will be led by Jenny Swann and Sarah Dale who will be choosing poems on a different theme each month, and you will be invited to bring along your own favourite poems on that theme. Café Poetry will take place for an hour between 6 – 7pm every second Tuesday of the month.

Because places are limited, please book yours ahead, to be sure of a seat. To buy your ticket, you can either …

- pop in to the cafe beforehand and pay over the counter … or …

- use the green payment link 'Buy a Ticket' button below shown next to the event listing

  • every second TUESDAY (once per month) ...
  • 6pm to 7pm (1 hour) ... arrive from 5.30pm for a 6pm start
  • COST per session
  • £6.50 payable at the cafe or using the green 'Buy a Ticket' button below (includes hot or cold drink and nibbles)

NOTE REGARDING COVID: Whilst Covid is still prevalent, please don’t attend if you are feeling unwell, and consider doing a lateral flow test. We won’t be checking this as an entry requirement but it would be appreciated.

Evening Themes ...

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TUESDAY 14th June

“This city music…” - Poems about Cities

Join us on an early summer poetry city break to New York, London, Birmingham, Athens…starting, of course, in Nottingham! We’ll be exploring the poetry of cities and towns, their urban landscapes and the inner landscapes of their residents and visitors.

Bring your favourite urban poems along to share, on Tuesday 14 June, from 5:30pm for a 6:00 – 7:00pm event.

Drinks and nibbles included in the ticket price of £6.50.

Places are limited so please book ahead to be sure of a seat.

Previous Themes ...

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"Come into the Garden”

In this month’s Café Poetry, we’re opening the door into the garden to see what’s growing, who’s digging up potatoes, and what’s going on in scented bowers. We’ll explore the ways in which poets down the centuries have found inspiration in gardens and will be sticking our noses into one or two musty (spidery!) garden sheds along the way…

Please join us in sharing our favourite poems about gardens, and bring your own favourites along too.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 10th May, at 5.30pm onwards for our 6.00pm – 7.00pm event.

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TUESDAY 12th April (ENDED)

“I remember, I remember … / The house where I was born…”

Come and join us on Tuesday 12 April to share poems about houses. Jenny Swann and Sarah Dale will be reading poems about houses loved and lost, newly-moved-into or out of, ancient and modern, empty (haunted?) or bursting at the seams; share with us the views from the windows, the banging of doors, and all the lives that happen inside them, in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms. Bring along your own favourite poems about houses and what they mean to us all.

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Poems of Childhood

The evenings are getting lighter, hooray! Come and join us for some early evening café poetry from (5.30 for) 6-7pm on March 8th. This month, Sarah Dale and Jenny Swann invite you to share and discuss poems of childhood – bring along your own favourite poems, be they poems that you yourself loved as a child or poems about childhood.

Last month, we so enjoyed our read-round of poems about roads through woods and the choices they suggest, and we have a strong hunch that poems about or from childhood will likewise introduce us all to some fabulous poems that are new to us, or old favourites.

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TUESDAY 8th February (ENDED)

The Road Less Travelled

On Tuesday 8 February (from 5.30pm onwards for a 6 - 7pm event) we are kicking off our Café Poetry series with the theme of ‘The road less travelled’ - in other words, poems about the decisions and choices we make (or don’t!).


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