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Come & join our monthly film club evening

TUESDAY 23rd JULY 2024

Every FOURTH TUESDAY, from 8-10pm (entry from 7.30pm), Yellow Wood cafe is excited to bring you an evening of carefully curated films by local filmmaking talent.

This will be a fun evening of curated films produced by local film makers. Thought provoking, witty, weird and wonderful. Many different genres will be shown, you'll have an opportunity to meet the producers, find out what makes them tick, hear from them first hand about the concepts behind their films and of course give constructive feedback and support.

For local filmmakers of Nottingham and the Midlands, this will be an opportunity to screen your movies to an interested, supportive and engaged audience.

Whether it's your first ever film, or you've not yet been lucky enough to be selected for a festival because of steep competition, this monthly event will be perfect for you. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to get your movie in front of an audience for feedback, get an invaluable test screening, and hear how you might strengthen your movies. This is optional however, and that's the joy of this brand new event: it's whatever you as the filmmaker want it to be.

All film submissions are totally free, and entry is guaranteed as long as we can fit you into our 90 minute program on the night. You must have your film submitted by the THIRD TUESDAY of each month.

It's a great chance for locals and regulars to come together and spend an evening in one of the cosiest, most welcoming venues in Beeston. Can't wait to see you there!

Please come by and enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere TUESDAY nights, 8-10pm (entry from 7.30pm), at Yellow Wood Cafe.

  • FOURTH TUESDAY of each month ... once per month
  • 8pm till 10pm (entry from 7.30pm)
  • COST (producer who's film is being shown)
  • FREE
  • FILM must be submitted by the THIRD TUESDAY of each month for possible inclusion in the programme
  • ENTRY COST (non-film makers)
  • £5 entry
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